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We believe school is where you were taught the basic skills to perform your tasks. Development workshops are where you refine those basic skills and become a professional. We are here to invest in you so you can become the best at your passion and grow as a professional and an individual. We want to bring people together to create opportunity, assist in job placement, and better the lives of our colleagues. 


We are dedicated to improving the life of the beauty professional. This is a center for licensed and non-licensed beauty professionals. We are constantly studying and taking classes, webinars, and attending trade shows. We are striving to provide the best education for the industry we love. We have our own clientele and services we offer, and we practice what we preach. We have been employees, independant contractors, business owners, and educators. 

Our Mission

After teaching advanced education for several years, we noticed a pattern with the students attending the classes. Their basic education experience in beauty school was lacking. They did not receive much of the hands-on and practical experience they felt like they needed to feel comfortable working on clients. We had the vision to create an atmosphere in our Loft to make all of our students eager and comfortable to learn, no judgement. We strive to be the gap between basic beauty school and a successful, happy career in a salon or spa. Too many professionals get overwhelmed, discouraged, and feel unprepared at their first job. Many professionals who drop out of the industry too quickly have the capability to become some of the best technicians in the area. 


Our team opened the Loft in April 2016. We are simply passionate about what we do and care so much about making a difference in the lives of our clients and students alike. We are always open to class suggestions, improvements, and feedback. We can't wait to hear from you

Our Story

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